“I’m here out of love, compassion and commitment to my community of women,
also to serve my purpose in the world.”

We are committed to supporting and empowering you to realise your dreams, to live your dreams and strive to achieve your goals. I am also very down to earth, that is what happens when you spend a lot of time with children. I am passionate about fitness, mental health awareness, music and I love meaningful songs as well as fashion and creativity.

“If you want to show the world what is inside of you . . . you have to dig deep and let it out.”


I’m so happy that you are here. I am on a mission to motivate, inspire and impact 1 Million women, to be fit and healthy and have a mindset that is powerful in order to be the best versions of themselves.


I have always been curious as to how the mind works and how our thoughts and experiences, can have such an impact on how we perceive the world, the people in it and the people in our lives.

What I have come to realise is that we can shape our thoughts and respond to situations in a healthy way that does not stop us in our tracks.

Health & Fitness

In my youth I was inspired by sports, even though I suffered with childhood asthma, along with other health issues. I kept active and challenged myself in running and gymnastics, which I believe helped to maintain my fitness. Today, I still believe in maintaining my health and fitness, paying attention to what I consume.

We aim to take you outside of

your comfort zone and

encourage you to change

the way you see and think

of yourself so that you

are living in your

amazing beauty.

Meet Beverley

Hi there Boss Angels my name is Beverley. I was born in the U.K where I have lived all of my life.

In my youth I was inspired by sports, even though I suffered with childhood asthma. As an adult I developed further health issues which took a toll on my confidence levels and my mindset. Throughout it all I kept active and challenged myself in running, gymnastics and strength training, which I believe helped me to maintain my health and fitness levels.

Today, I still believe in maintaining my health and fitness, paying close attention to what I consume. I definitely can see the connection between the mind and our health and I am passionate about helping others to identify their personal strengths and how they can empower themselves despite of their health history and personal experiences.

I have created the amazingly supportive community Motiv8 Your World so that I can share with you my experiences and the things I have learnt along this journey called life. So that together you can support each other to heal and be empowered to be your unique selves and to make an enormous impact in the world.

Motiv8 Your World is not race or background specific, here, our main focus is that we want you to turn what you see as impossible into possibilities. You are special, you are important, you are empowered and you are necessary to make an impact on other women’s lives, who need to hear your story.

Thank you so much for being here!
With heartfelt love

Beverley Haughton
Founder of Motiv8 Your World | Therapeutic Counsellor | Maxwell Leadership Coach, Speaker and Trainer | Entrepreneur | Property Investor | Foster Carer | Mum | Most of all a child of God.

You are an awesome creation with a mind and heart
that is unique and with a message that can impact lives.

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